Creature Jar


Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 4.5"


These jars may be little but they are beaming with personality. Many cultures have some version of a token or curiosity with cultural significance. Often times they are little statues or figurines which are said to bring fortune in some way. Think of these creature jars as a companion to keep in your home. You can apply whatever meaning you want to them! They have the added bonus of being a jar which can hold little things that may be important to you.  Write funny notes, or uplifting platitudes and keep them inside for times when you need encouragement. I feel that just having one around gives a sense of security, like always having a little friend nearby.


My pots are wheel thrown using a dark stoneware clay, and fired in an electric kiln to a mid range temperature (cone 6). I make all of the slips and glazes that are used to decorate my work.

Creature Jar

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