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Large Jar with Melville Slip


This jar was thrown in sections. "Melville Slip" made from clay in my backyard was applied then swiped through to create the banding patterns. The natural color variation comes from being wood fired. See my kiln page to learn more about my wood fired kiln.


This pot is one-of-a-kind and stamped with my unqiue stamp. It is intended as a decorative floor piece for locations such as hearths and foyers or for a large table top or shelf.


This pot can be picked up at my studio in Tenino or from the Olympia Farmers Market. I will contact you after purchase to set up a time to meet.


Would you prefer to see the pot before purchasing it? Contact me at to set up a viewing.


Tax is included.

Large Jar with Melville Slip - Wood Fired

  • All sales are final.

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